Series Tork reducers give wide modular contruction of all parts, various design to solve any transmission problem and optimisation of gear geometry to afford high performances and reliability.
Motomeccanica offers parallel and right angle shaft gearboxes with 1 to 4 gear stages, with case foot and front mounted, in a few words multiple choises that can solve every kind of transmission required.
Performance and high reliability are guaranteed by the optimization of gears geometry and the use of high quality materials and to the experience of our technical department.
The parallel shafts 2K and 3K(sizes 180 to 250) and right angle shafts 2T and 3T can be supplied as motorised units by using an adaptor bell and a flexible coupling. The compact version is available too, on request, with no coupling connection between the shaft of the electric motor and the high speed shaft of the gearbox.


Gears: made of high quality casehardening steel to ensure high flexing strenght and long life. Pinions usually of 17NiCrMo6-4, gearwheels of 17NiCrMo6-4. Helical toothing with accurate running-in.
Bearings: oversized taper or straight roller bearings are used throughout.
Case: up to size 400 in compact grey cast-iron, duly ribbed, in order to give the utmost torsional stiffness. On demand, in spheroidal cast iron or welded steel. Breather filler plugs, level and drain plugs