Motomeccanica, thanks to decades of experience working alongside the major italian players in plastic industry, is able to provide the customers high product reliability, lower costs and delivery times. Obviously gearboxes of plast line are designed following the concepts of modularity and standardization together with the consolidated motomeccanica’s know-how in this field.


Gears: 17NiCrMo6-4 EN 10084 alloy steel, casehardened and tempered, with ground involute profile, properly sized to ensure high maximum tensile strength and resistance to pitting. Reduction ratios and nominal center distances are in an R20 progression.
Bearings: greatly oversized taper and self-aligning roller bearings. Thrust bearings are from series 294 …E.
Lubrication: gears and bearings are normally splash lubricated in an oil bath. It may be a help to use a pump for forced lubrication of the thrust bearing and the gears.
Cooling: normally, heat is dissipated naturally through the surface of the case. In particular operating conditions, the cooling capacity should be increased using a coil inserted into the reduction unit case or by cooling unit complete with heat exchanger.
Specific standards: • load capacity AGMA 2001-D04, ISO 6336 • shafts DIN 743, AGMA 6001-D97 • splines UNI 221, DIN 5472, DIN 5480 • keys UNI 6604 and pressure check DIN 6885, AGMA 6001-D97, thermal check ISO TR 14179.

Applications :