Motomeccanica speed-increasers, are used especially in the energy sector and in particular find application in the hydroelectric sector (kaplan turbines, francis, hydrodynamic screws). The toothing profile is specifically designed for this type of application in order to achieve maximum efficiency and noiseless. Reliability, efficiency and easy of maintenance are the aims to achieve by our technical office for this type of projects.


Gears: made of high quality casehardening steel to ensure high bending strenght and long life. Pinions and gearwheels of 17NiCrMo6-4 EN 10084. Helical toothing with ground profile, opportunely designed to meet the specific characteristics of the speed-increaser gears; gleason or klingelberg ground bevel spheroidal toothing gears.
Bearings: conical or cylindrical roller largely dimensioned
Case: built in compact grey cast-iron, spheroidal cast iron or in electro-welded steel S275JR, specifically dimensioned on custumer’s need. If required, it is possible to implement FEManalysis (Finite Element Method); modal analysis to solve vibrations problems and static analysis to reduce tensions and deformations.

Lubrication: gears and bearings are normally splash lubricated, by oil bath and/or with pump fitted on the speed increaser shaft
Cooling system: when the heat dissipation capacity of the case in not sufficient, the cooling capacity is increased using:
–  Water/oil heat exchanger (plate or tubular)
–  Air/oil exchanger (cooling with fan)
–  Cooling fan (in particular in case of othogonal speed increasers)
Possible checks of thermal criticality are implemented using a special software, in accordance with iso tr 14179.