Motomeccanica drive gearboxes for compaction are mainly applied in the field of waste recycling, in aggregate crushing and recovery of materials to obtain hydrocarbons


Gears: made of high quality casehardening steel to ensure high bending strenght and long life. Pinions and gearwheels of 17NiCrMo6-4 EN 10084. Helical toothing with accurate running-in, specifically studied for this kind of application characterized by strong instantaneous loads.
Bearings: conical or cylindrical roller largely dimensioned.
Case: welded steel, largely dimensioned, in order to guarantee the maximum absorbtion of load peaks.
Lubrication: as concerns gears and bearings is forseen a forced or splash lubrication system. On demand it’s furnished a forced lubrication system opportunely dimensioned and complete with water/oil heat exchanger (plate or tubular), or air/oil exchanger (cooling with fan).