Motomeccanica’s quality system complies with ISO9001 and has been certified by RINA since 1999.

All raw materials and components used by Motomeccanica for his gearboxes, are purchased from qualified suppliers and carefully checked. The material for the critical components is tested with non-destructive controls in order to avoid that flaws hidden in the steel could compromise the reliability of those components.

The controls during the manufacturing process are executed by highly qualified employees.

All gearboxes and accessories are put into operation and no load tested on a test bench. Hereafter, for each gearbox, the final result of the test is reported on an identification tag.

The records concerning standard controls internally executed on products are stored in our archives.
We suggest you to get in touch with our commercial department in order to know our detailed standard control process, to agree alternative control plans and to request all documents related to our products.