Speed changes are the logical extension of our range of parallel shaft gearboxes. With this type of gearbox you can obtain a wider speed range. The shift lever can be activated in different ways: manual, pneumatic piston, hydraulic piston. In case of specific needs (for example the steel industry) the gearbox may be provided with labyrinth seals as an alternative to the oil seals.


Gears: made of high quality casehardening steel to ensure high flexing strenght and long life. Pinions usually of 17NiCrMo6-4, gearwheels of 17NiCrMo6-4. Helical toothing with accurate running-in.
Bearings: leading brand appropriately dimensioned taking into account the specific applications.
Case: up to size 320 in compact grey cast-iron, duly ribbed, in order to give the utmost torsional stiffness. On demand, in spheroidal cast iron or welded steel. Breather filler plugs, level and drain plugs. If required, it is possible to implement FEM analysis (Finite Element Method); modal analysis to solve vibrations problems and static analysis to reduce tensions and deformations.
Lubrication: gears and bearings are normally splash lubricated and by oil bath. On demand the speed change can be supplied complete of a pump for forced lubrication of the thrust bearing and the gears.
Cooling system: normally, heat is dissipated naturally through the surface of the case. In particular operating conditions, the cooling capacity should be increased using:
–  Water/oil heat exchanger (plate or tubular)
–  Air/oil exchanger (cooling with fan)
–  Cooling coil inserted in the gearbox’s case (for small thermal power)
Possible checks of thermal criticality are implemented using a special software, in accordance with ISO TR 14179.